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From Military House To Hotel

The Gun Lodge Hotel, formally known as the Cromal Lodge was built in 1769 following the completion of the nearby Fort George garrison in the wake of the battle of Culloden in 1746. Fort George itself was built following the Jacobite uprising as an impregnable base for King George II’s army and was used in an effort to quell the Jacobite threat. The fort took 21 years to complete by which time the Jacobite threat was extinguished. The fort today remains an active army barracks and museum and is still regarded as one of the finest fortifications in Britain.

The Cromal Lodge, named for the mount at the base of which it stands, was built as a home & stables for high ranking officers from the fort and served as a military building for much of its history. With the changing role of Fort George through the First and Second World War, the use of the Cromal Lodge evolved and it is said to have even functioned as a hospital for a brief period of time. The Lodge then fell into disrepair in the late 50s -early 60s before being reopened by the Oram family as the Gun Lodge Hotel named as it is today.

An Adventure Awaits

The hotel is steeped in a near 250 year history which lives on through the tales passed down through generations. Relics of the past can be found in the grounds such as the intact stable stalls hidden in the hotel out-building and the military insignia carved in the gates. Myths have even developed regarding the lingering spirit of a broken hearted war mistress said to reside in hotel. The restaurant now situated in the hotel pays homage to this history and has been christened with the Cromal name.

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